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Scaffolding Company in Birkenhead

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Scaffolding Company in BirkenheadFind a scaffolding company in Birkenhead that designs, builds and supplies scaffolding for every purpose. The nature of our business demands we put safety first regardless if the access is for house painters and roofing contractors, high-rise commercial buildings or industrial projects. Show us your project and we’ll design and set up safe access for your workers for short term projects or those that go on for years such as detailed refurbishment of historic landmarks. You can count on conscientious and detailed checks and double checks of all supports and connection fittings. Reconfigurations or restaging is attended to promptly so work interruptions are minimal. All of our technicians are trained according NASC regulations.

Ours is a multi-skilled highly experienced team confident and capable in any scaffold design and set-up. In Birkenhead, our scaffolding company also is experienced in the entertainment and events industry for large or small functions. Outdoor stage events need scaffolding for lighting and cameras, stages accessible by stairs and complete with handrails. We also do the seating set up and crowd control barriers and traffic control systems. For outdoor festivals we can supply and set up marquees, walkways, ramps and advertising boards. Such events often present a large number of problems looking for a solution. If the solution exists, we will find it. Rain, mud, heat, access to water and electricity as well as foot traffic design and control. We make it all work smoothly.

Our scaffolding company in Birkenhead works ground level, great heights and all in between to provide access to whatever is outside your reach. It’s a solution based business but one that is focused on safe access. Our staff monitors the ongoing safety of both short-term scaffolding set ups and long term, ever changing configurations. We are just as conscientious about events because of the sheer number of people for whom our solutions are meant to keep safe. Contact NAS Scaffolding and tell us about your project. Of course, scaffolding is often needed for inside work as well as outside. We’ll put you together with staff experienced in your industry and design access solutions for you.

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