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Scaffolding Company in Birkenhead

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Scaffolding Company in BirkenheadOur scaffolding company in Birkenhead supplies and erects scaffolding for domestic and commercial works. We are based in the North West and offer a high standard of customer services to all our clients. This method of working on buildings dates back about 17 thousands of years to the paleolithic era although the material used to construct the scaffolding has changed. There are a number of different types of scaffolding used in the world today. Some types use locally available materials but not all of it is safe for the contractors. It generally consists of a firm base upon which is placed the uprights along with the braces to strengthen the frame. On this is placed wooden or metal boards to allow for a stable working base. There are a few methods of holding the frame in a safe and steady position.

Most work done on the outside of a building requires a sturdy platform. In Birkenhead, scaffolding company teams need to be experienced so that they can erect a safe structure to carry the workmen. Our multi-disciplined team has worked in all sectors of the industry with a combined experience of over 50 years. We offer in-house design engineering services that ensures the highest levels of health and safety as well as efficiency. All our operatives are trained to the highest levels in accordance with all the regulations set out by the NASC and other scaffold governing bodies.

An experienced scaffolding company in Birkenhead can help you with all your scaffolding needs. Contact NAS Scaffolding today and one of our highly experienced team will advise you on the most suitable scaffolding for your requirements. We can build the necessary structures for events and festivals, and offer a hands-on solution to ensure your wedding or event runs smoothly. If you need, we can also provide temporary fencing and crowd control barriers as well as water filled barriers. For events and functions, we supply seating facilities, ground levelling solutions, advertising boards, ramps and steps. We even supply marquees for weddings and receptions or racing days where the weather may be untoward. You can rely on our expert team for reliable and professional service.

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