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Scaffolding Company in Chester

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Scaffolding Company in ChesterPeople have been using structures on the outside of their buildings to facilitate repairs and building for thousands of years and our scaffolding company in Chester uses the same basic principles. Our materials are modern and can be assembled quickly in all types of situations. We are known as specialists in scaffolding and other access product. Initially, when first used over seventeen thousand years ago to paint on cave walls, the scaffolding was anchored to the wall using holes in the stone. Modern scaffolding is free standing and is assembled as close to the face being worked as possible. The strength of the modern materials means that the structure can be assembled far higher than the ancient methods although bamboo scaffolding is still used extensively across Asia.

If you are arranging and event or a festival you need to be sure that it is safe for all the festival goers. In Chester, scaffolding company teams offer a hands-on approach to event solutions. These can be weddings, small functions or large concerts. We can provide everything from temporary fences to crowd control barriers or water filled barriers for the safety of the attendees. Our traffic management systems allow free flow of vehicles to and from the concert or event. Fencing screens and netting keeps people from encroaching on areas that are set aside for special visitors. We erect stages, lighting, camera rigs as well as seating facilities for concerts and large events.

Not only are we a scaffolding company in Chester but we also supply all necessary items for live stage shows and festivals. Contact NAS Scaffolding today and our team will help you to select the perfect combination for your project. We supply both commercial and domestic sectors with scaffolding for a number of building projects including repairs and new builds. Our highly professional team boasts design engineers who will work out the items needed to ensure structural integrity of the scaffolding. We have a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry and all our team are trained to the highest standards in accordance with the regulations set out by the NASC and other scaffolding governing bodies.


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