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Scaffolding Company in Ellesmere Port

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Scaffolding Company in Ellesmere PortWhen you are looking for a well-known scaffolding company in Ellesmere Port, you are welcome to contact us. Although we do supply scaffolding for use in repair and maintenance of buildings we also builds structures for festivals and events. We are based in the North West of the UK and offer a high standard of customer service to all our clients. Scaffolding has been used for building structures for many thousands of years. Some has been made of wood and some of other materials including bamboo. This material is still used in scaffolding in the Far East although it is not as strong and stable as our modern materials. Scaffolding relies on having a stable and secure base and strong uprights that are braced to enhance stability. On top of this structure are secured wooden or metal planks to make a strong base on which the workmen stand.

We are very fortunate to have a team that has over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. In Ellesmere Port, scaffolding company teams will ensure your festival or event goes off without a hitch. At the beginning of the planning our design engineer will help you with the layout of the structures and make sure that all scaffolding can accommodate the weight it will carry, safely. These need to be correctly calculated according to the health and safety regulations. Our entire team has been trained to the highest levels in accordance with the regulations set out by the NAS.

As possibly the most experienced scaffolding company in Ellesmere Port we will advise our clients on the best scaffolding for the project they are undertaking. Contact NAS Scaffolding today to arrange for as much scaffolding as you may need for renovations or a festival. Our festival team can assemble all that is necessary, structurally, including the stage lighting rigs, camera towers, seating and much, much more. We have the ideal traffic management systems as well as fencing to contain certain areas for security purposes. We supply temporary fencing for crowd control and water filled barriers to stop any vehicles encroaching on the festival site. To ensure that the structures are firmly grounded we offer levelling solutions and will erect advertising boards, ramps and steps where needed.

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