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Scaffolding Company in Ellesmere Port

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Scaffolding Company in Ellesmere PortYou might need to hire a scaffolding company in Ellesmere Port for wide range of building projects such as refurbishing an old home, performing a conversion, constructing a new home or even adding a new extension. Scaffolding is also required for simpler tasks such as window work, roofing, or while making changes to the outside walls. Hiring the right contractor is the key to a successful project. At NAS Scaffolding, we recommend hiring rather than purchasing second hand scaffolding. This is safer and more affordable option. In the UK, falling from large heights is the leading cause of deaths that occur on construction sites. Most falls occurs because of poorly erected faulty scaffolding. These are unnecessary deaths which can be prevented by hiring a professional scaffolding company.

For your building project in Ellesmere Port, a scaffolding company with the right credentials and experience is paramount. There are hundreds if not thousands of scaffolding companies. We recommend you start your search by examining local companies. These will cost much less because the company won’t have to travel or transport their equipment across long distances. Next on your checklist is the company’s scaffolding training and experience. Request proof of training credentials before hiring. The individuals who will be working on your project must be able to handle many types of scaffolding. Whether they’re insured or not also matters. The company you hire must have Public Liability insurance. In case something goes awry during your project, the insurance will cover it. Ask for proof of this insurance prior to hiring. Lastly, references also matter immensely. Ask for names and numbers of previously satisfied customers. Try and speak to these customers to get a clearer picture of the company.

For your building project, consider hiring a local scaffolding company in Ellesmere Port. Contact NAS Scaffolding today for more information on how we can assist you. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your project. Our entire team is trained to the highest standards in accordance with all regulations required by the NASC and other scaffold governing bodies. With over fifty years of experience in this business, we are the right scaffolding company for you.

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