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Scaffolding Company in Hartford

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Scaffolding Company in HartfordNAS,  scaffolding company in Hartford supplies scaffolding for commercial and industrial projects from tuck pointing, window washing, window replacement, building the next level and so much more. However, we also supply homeowners and the tradesmen whose services they secure for roofing, painting, cladding and anything else that cannot be reached from flat on the ground. Certainly, ladders are necessary tools for home maintenance and repairs. But when you are planning to undertake a project, especially if it’s a do-it-yourself project, consider if scaffolding might be safer and make the job easier. You see, homeowners frequently suffer injuries when undertaking projects. It’s not because they lack knowledge but often they lack the safety equipment.

We at NAS Scaffolding design and build complex and extensive safety scaffolding for restoration of historic buildings and construction of high rises. But in Hartford, scaffolding company NAS is pleased to design smaller and simple structures to make home maintenance safer for your larger or two story plus home. Most women would be much happier to see their husbands standing on a solid platform on which to move back and forth during a maintenance or repair project. Dangling from a ladder and walking on the roof are likely skills you learned from your father. Now your kids will learn them too. Why not begin with our scaffolding services to teach your kids safety. Some tradesmen have their own scaffolding equipment, but if not, we can have your scaffolding at your worksite on time and at a reasonable cost.

If you are planning a party at your house, NAS Scaffolding Company in Hartford can assemble a stage for live entertainment. Outdoor wedding receptions, graduation parties, political campaigns or live auctions; whatever you have going on call us at NAS Scaffolding Company. We can set you up with stage, steps, lighting scaffold and more. We also have Marquees for hire. Contact NAS Scaffolding and put safety and dependability first as do we. Nothing is too small and no task is too large for our company. We can design to your job specifications and erect our scaffolding to help you get the job done

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