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Scaffolding Company in North Wales

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Scaffolding Company in North WalesYou want a scaffolding company in North Wales that’s well equipped to meet your domestic, commercial and industrial needs; high and low and even suspended. NAS Scaffolding is the company that can do that and with the most dependable customer service. We are in the business of getting the job done safely. So whatever your project requires, we’re going to make sure you get the safety equipment that will suit the task and at the right price. Even when a ladder would work, scaffolding will make the job easier and safer. A sturdy but lightweight framework that goes up and comes down easily gives the worker or two workers a safe platform they can move around on safely especially at great heights. Add in the protective railings for happy workers.

We supply multiple types of scaffolding at NAS with the fully planked cross braced with guardrails being the most common choice. However, if you need in North Wales, a scaffolding company to supply suspended or rolling scaffolding, we can manage that. Rolling scaffolding is the handiest equipment an interior lighting or painting contractor can have at their disposal. No up and down the ladder. One man on the ground to move it and plenty of space for standing and equipment. We want to make sure you have what you need for the job and if that means we have to configure a custom set-up, we can do that. For long term exterior construction projects count on us for a set up that can withstand the test of time and bear the extra load.

Our scaffolding company in North Wales is staffed by expertly trained to NASC regulations and industry standards. We have our own in house design engineers dedicated to our customers’ safety. We do not deal in inferior quality materials for our scaffolding. We’re fully insured and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. More often than not, our team with a combined 50 years’ experience is first on the job site. We’re going to determine the best solution for stability and anchoring so your scaffold is undergirded with the strongest support. Contact NAS Scaffolding or come by and meet our team. You’ll find we’re easy to work with and we want you to see for yourself the quality of our equipment.

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