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Scaffolding Company in Northwich

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Scaffolding Company in NorthwichWe are a versatile scaffolding company in Northwich that can offer many different uses for scaffolding material. Not only do we supply the usual aids for repairs and erection of buildings but we also build the necessary structures for festivals and events including music festivals. Our experienced team will supply expert knowledge on various requirements to ensure your event runs smoothly. There is a wide range of systems for these large functions such as traffic management systems to keep vehicles and pedestrians apart and moving seamlessly to avoid congestion. To ensure safety we supply water filled barriers that will stop a vehicle and crowd control barriers to safeguard certain areas of the festival. Our team have a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry and are trained to the highest levels in accordance with the NASC regulations.

Finding methods to enable buildings to be erected are as old as buildings themselves. In Northwich, scaffolding company teams have to take safety as their number one consideration. We can supply and erect scaffolding to whatever height you may need while making sure it meets with all the health and safety regulations. Our team of multi-disciplined workers have been employed in the industry for many years and include design engineers who will advise you on the most efficient and cost effective methods and materials for your function. We can erect stages for music festivals along with lighting rigs and camera towers. We also have seating and can supply ground levelling solutions where necessary.

Our specialised scaffolding company in Northwich supplies a wide range of temporary building materials. Contact NAS Scaffolding today to book our team for your next event or your wedding. We have marquees for hire that are suitable for weddings along with dance floors. These marquees are also suitable for company receptions at racing days where the weather may be unpleasant. Scaffolding is generally used in construction of buildings or to repair existing structures but can be used in a number of different ways. Although scaffolding is an ancient concept where various materials were used to allow workmen to reach high levels in buildings the materials used were not always safe. Modern technology has revolutionised safety and efficiency.

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