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Scaffolding Company in Wallasey

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Scaffolding Company in WallaseyOur scaffolding company in Wallasey, NAS, serves all size needs in every sector; domestic, major commercial and industrial. We think that’s the only way to serve our customers fully. Most are contractors and their project needs vary from job to job. Full service to us means providing whatever they need in the way of access structures. We can even serve your special event needs. Our in house design team works to design, configure and construct whatever is required. The products are engineered for durability, safety and efficiency in accordance with government and safety standards. Our highly trained operatives share decades of experience that is critical to getting you the access you need. We bring fifty years of established experience to your project.

Your safety is always our first concern and attentive customer service prevails regardless of the size or duration of your project. In Wallasey, scaffolding company NAS is equipped to manage any duration from one day to months or even years for major projects. That includes barriers designed to protect the general public in highly populated areas. Our crews work to your schedule. For some of our customers, that’s a regular schedule with a need for frequent location change or configuration change of scaffolding. Since we are often first on the job site, we have the benefit of discovering the best vantage points and configurations. We work closely with our customer is assure our structures are ready for use so their job comes in on schedule.

Special event scaffolding from a scaffolding company in Wallasey can go up and be dismantled the same day if needed. It’s important to public safety that is come down quickly after a performance or event. We have purchase and leasing options to suit most every need including the ancillary decks, carts, wheels and more. For most contractors leasing scaffolding is the most cost effective solution. However for some small companies that specialise in interior and exterior home painting or for use within large warehouses, purchasing portable scaffolding makes better sense than leasing. Contact NAS Scaffolding and let’s talk about your scaffolding needs. You’ll find we are anxious to please our customers and our prices are highly competitive.

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