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Scaffolding Company in Wrexham

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Scaffolding Company in WrexhamNAS Scaffolding is a scaffolding company in Wrexham that specialises in scaffolding and access products. Our limited company provides access over a range of jobs, from small domestic works to the larger commercial and industrial avenues. No task is too big or small for us. We approach each with the professionalism and care required in such a sector. Our multi-disciplined team has a collective experience of more than 50 years, with the ability to work in all sectors of the industry. In order to maintain the high standards of our work, we ensure all our operatives are trained, qualified and certified in accordance with all the regulations set out by the NASC and other scaffolding governing bodies.

This also ensures all safety regulations are adhered to, promoting a safe working environment not only for the workers but the customers as well. In Wrexham, scaffolding company understands the importance of the access during construction. Without proper materials and a plan to adhere to, the construction project may be delayed, which may end up becoming an inconvenience to many. We are efficient not only in the scaffolding but also in the delivery time. Since we are needed to be on site before any construction or maintenance work, we ensure to plan accordingly all through. Workers can carry out a task in the knowledge that they are safe and also gain access to what might otherwise be difficult to do so without the scaffold. They can reach parts of the wall or ceiling with ease.

Our scaffolding company in Wrexham is here to provide all the support you might need. Where ladders may be seen to be a simpler option, scaffolding provides a position advantage that may not be the case with ladders. If you need a scaffolding company that works towards fulfilling the needs of the customers, contact NAS Scaffolding today. We have an ever-growing client base in the domestic, commercial and industrial sector: an ode to the work that we have done and continue to do. We provide excellent customer satisfaction at prices that can’t be beaten.

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